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e English and Scotch Es●tablishments in 1707 had given prece●dence to the infantry in the c▓ase of the Royal Scots, but h▓ad placed the cavalry second, in

the ca▓se of the Scots Greys, though they ●had been raised in 1681. Still the ar▓my had much improved.The int●roduction of the first Mutiny Act in 1689, givin▓g Parliamentary authority for officers to pun●ish men for mutiny and desertion with▓out reference to civil law, a power hith▓erto denied to them in Great Britain ●during peac

e, still further recogni●sed the standing army as a constituti●onal force, besides the militia, which had bee▓n up to that time theoretically the only one; f▓or it

was not permanently paid or embodie▓d.But before King William’s time the “me●thod of voting men and money ▓for the army annually had been introduced, to● some extent.” The distinguished ga▓llantry of the m

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